About Us


Founded in 1918, Baycrest Health Sciences (Baycrest) is considered one of the world’s top academic health sciences centers in aging and brain health.  Baycrest has developed world class expertise across the continuum of senior living, geriatric healthcare, research, innovation and education.  Its vision is to create a world where every older adult enjoys a life of purpose, inspiration and fulfilment.

Through its strategic partnership with Baycrest, Baycrest Global Solutions’ (BGS) mandate is to support this vision through collaborations with senior care providers to improve the quality of senior care globally.  Our approach is to develop long-term, collaborative relationships with local partners who share our vision and passion for transforming services for seniors.

We work closely with our clients to customize leading practices and create solutions that meet the needs of the local population.  We believe that effective ‘cultural translation’ is the cornerstone of how we approach our business and a critical success factor for all our projects.

BGS is helping global healthcare providers improve the quality of geriatrics care by providing innovative services, training and technologies that:

  • Improve the delivery of senior residential and healthcare;
  • Improve and manage age-related cognitive and physical decline;
  • Improve safety and wellness outcomes for clients in late life;
  • Enhance quality of life for our senior population;
  • Foster greater autonomy for seniors

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Baycrest’s experience in quality senior care is brought to new markets around the world through Baycrest Global Solutions.

Core Mandates